Mom’s Great Ideas

I’ve recently wrote a post about technology and apps that help college-aged students with autism. Well, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and try a few things. I’ve done a lot of web searching and I think I have finally found something that will work.

My son, who has drug-resistant epilepsy and slow cognitive processing, is looking to become more independent and doesn’t like his mom following him around telling him what to do all the time. I’ve found that giving him a direction and then give him a time limit in which to do the task makes him feel more in control and makes mom feel better when he’s compliant. 🙂

My son is 16 but I don’t really feel comfortable with him having and being responsible for a cell phone (let alone pay the bill). So I was looking for a ‘smartwatch’ or fitbit type device to replace the phone. This would allow two things: 1.the watch would always be on him and notifications would easily be seen. 2. He likes to tell time and wear watches.

So you may be asking yourself, Amy, is this really a great idea if you don’t have a cell phone to sync his watch to? Also, what’s your great idea anyway?

I want my son to gain more independence by being notified by his watch to do his daily tasks and chores and provide him with his independence. The watch will be able to remind him to stop watching Youtube and get a snack or go downstairs and change his laundry. It is similar to the AutiPlan idea but combines a few more devices and less visual. This is just an example of how I am making an idea work for my family.

I can use an old smartphone connected to wifi to update his watch and a google calendar to create tasks. Routine is best and this might keep us both on track.

It took me a while to find a device somewhat affordable to buy for an experiment I’m not sure will go as planned. Here is the device I found that looks similar to a step counter but also has calendar notifications. Some watches had too many apps and the more affordable ones only had time and step counts.  It was hard to find but I ended up buying the Striiv touch and also got it on sale!!!!

Here’s what it looks like in real life.

Check for updates about this adventure in future posts!striiv