Reaching my Audience

I’m embarking on a journey with this blog to connect with those interested in finding ways to support students with autism in college with assistive technology. This post is all about trying to find you, err, I mean you finding me???

My first attempt was my SEO settings, which I learned stands for Search Engine Optimization. I added google plus and attempted to add Pinterest. I’m not exactly sure what this does but I thought it would make my blog come up in searches more frequently? Am I naive in thinking this?

I’m in education, not marketing. I like to read about social justice and sangria recipes. So I opted to try to find more ways for ‘optimization’ with this article’s help

I thought I would be a ‘beginner’ but since I have done lots of pinning, I had to skip to ‘intermediate.’ This made me feel good. 🙂

One thing I DID learn in the beginner section (or rather remembered) is following others that have similar boards and interests can make you more visible. So I did the following:

  1. Followed new people
  2. Commented on pins similar to mine with the link to my pins.
  3. Created a new board about students with autism transitioning to college.

So I learned that in order to be more visible, I have to be more active. This will not only make me more visible but will aappslso help me find you – your ideas, pins, and suggestions so we can collaborate and build our knowledge together!

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